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The TRA has promoted this event in 2009, 2011 and 2013. Although the number on the start line was always about 35, the event was successful and popular with both runners and marshals. At 248 miles it remains the longest non-stop trail race in the U.K. and it attracted a significant foreign entry every time it was held.

Dick Kearn and Anthony Taylor jointly organised the first three Rings. Each of them has decided to step down as Race Organiser although they will provide all the assistance they can to the next organiser of the event. The TRA is seeking a new organiser and anyone prepared to take on this challenge is invited to apply. The application should be accompanied by a summary of the applicant’s previous experience in the organisation of running races.

The TRA is responsible for the funding of the Ring so the new organiser will not be required to organise any funding. Both the organiser and the runners need a long lead in time for an event of this magnitude. The TRA has decided that the new organiser needs to be appointed by the end of April 2014. Only then can it be announced that the Ring will be held in 2015. If no appointment is made by that deadline, then the event cannot be held in 2015.

All communications about this announcement should be addressed to the TRA Secretary (Anthony Taylor)

Anthony Taylor 19.3.2014