Activate Registration


1.  Any money due from a member of the Trail Running Association (TRA) to the TRA shall be paid promptly by that member to the TRA.

2.  The membership of any member of the TRA may be terminated by the Executive Committee of the TRA (the Executive)in any of the following circumstances:-
A.  The member has failed to pay the TRA monies due from that member to the TRA for a period of at least one month after that member receives a written reminder by email or otherwise to do so.  Monies due shall include the annual subscription payable by the member to the TRA.
B.  The member has been convicted of a serious criminal offence which makes it undesirable, in the opinion of the Executive, for him/her to be a member of the TRA. .
C.  The member has made potentially defamatory statements about another member of the TRA.  
D.  The member has failed to return TRA trophies which he/she is not entitled to retain.
E.  The member has conducted himself/herself in a manner which, in the opinion of the Executive, is unacceptable.  Examples of such conduct might be insulting Race Organisers, Race Officials, Volunteers,runners or members of the public attendingtrail running events, cheating or behaving in a manner which is offensive to other participants in the sport of trail running.  These examples should not be taken as limiting the boundaries of unacceptable conduct.

3.  Any member wishing to challenge a ruling of the Executive on the termination of his/her membership may appear before the next meeting of the TRA Committee to put his/her case.  The ruling of the TRA Committee following such a hearing shall be final. 
4.  If a member ‘s membership shall be terminated he/she shall not be entitled to any refund of his/her subscription to the TRA. 
5.  When termination of membership relates to Family Membership the membership of other persons included in that Family Membership shall not be affected by the termination.  Such Family Membership shall continue as a Family Membership or as an individual membership (as appropriate) excluding only the individual to whom the termination applies.