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TRA Emergency Grants for Race Organisers




Emergency Grant Scheme

  1. Introduction

For several years, the TRA has operated a grant scheme for race organisers through which organisers could purchase equipment for use when holding trail races.  Organisers were invited to apply for grants when race permits were approved.  These grants set out to utilise a significant proportion of the money collected through unattached levies to help meet the first objective of the TRA, which is to encourage participation in trail running and to provide facilities for such participation.

The current coronavirus crisis has put financial strain on many race organisers, particularly as a result of irrecoverable costs spent in advance for races that could not take place.  There is a risk that, when the crisis is over and the sport of trail running is again opened up to general competition, a number of organisations that have contributed to the growth in the number of trail running competitions held in recent years will no longer have the funding or the will to stage races, or, perhaps, to stage as many races.   Indeed, some of those organisations may no longer exist.

The TRA has agreed to introduce Emergency Grant Scheme with the twin aim of helping to ease the financial burden on race organisers who have suffered irrecoverable losses, and to encourage a recovery to normality when the crisis is over. 

Ideally, TRA Emergency Grants would be paid to race organising bodies that have incurred irrecoverable costs because of the crisis only after they have resumed a normal pattern of race organisation after the crisis is over.  The objective of delaying payments until then would be to minimise the risk of Association’s funds going organisations that are not willing or able to resume holding trail races when the crisis is over.  However, the Association recognises that, for a number of organising bodies, any financial assistance from the scheme would be very welcome at an earlier stage to help cover losses incurred since the lockdown started and help protect the financial future of those organising bodies.  The Association has therefore agreed a compromise Emergency Grant Scheme that will pay 50% of any Emergency Grant on approval, and then pay the remainder once the Association is satisfied that the organising body concerned has resumed holding trail races.


  1. Operation of the TRA Emergency Grant Scheme

The Association is inviting each organising body which applied for a trail running permit for a race, due to be held after 1 March 2020, to apply for a TRA Emergency Grant to cover irrecoverable costs incurred organising races which had to be cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus crisis.

Applications should be sent by email to to arrive by 31 July 2020.  Each application should include:

  • evidence that costs, irrecoverable because of the corona crisis, were actually incurred,
  • descriptions of such costs,
  • copies of invoices, and receipts,
  • and details of any actions taken to mitigate such costs.

Unfortunately there may be some race organising bodies which, even with emergency grant funding, will no longer be in a position to organise trail races when the current emergency is over.  Because the TRA Emerngency Grant Scheme has been launched to encourage a return to normality, grants are not available for organisations that do not expect to recommence race organisation when the crisis ends.  Grant applications should therefore also include:

  • evidence of the organisation's plans to resume normal activity.

Applications will be considered within a month of the closing date for applications by the TRA Emergency Grant sub-committee, comprising the TRA Chair, TRA Treasurer, Permit Secretary, and Grants Secretary.  The Grants Secretary may request further supporting information, and  will communicate the outcome of each application by email to the applicant.

TRA Emergency Grants are limited to £500 per race, and, for race organisers that have incurred irrecoverable costs for more than one race, up to a limit of £2000 per organising body.  Unlike the established TRA grant scheme, if the irrecoverable costs for a race exceed the per race limit, the TRA will consider applications for grants that meet only part of the irrecoverable costs.

TRA Emergency Grant funds are limited.  All applications received by the closing date will be considered by the sub-committee, but if the total demand for approved grants exceed the overall budget, it may be necessary for the sub-committee to scale back awards.

The decision of the TRA on any emergency grant application will be final.  The TRA will not be obliged to enter into any correspondence or discussion about the reasons for its decisions on grant applications.