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Membership FAQ

Q: I’ve just signed up to the TRA – what happens now and when can I log on to the membership page?

A: Once you’ve signed up you will receive an email confirming your TRA membership application and giving details of how to pay the membership fee (£10 individual or £15 joint). There is a link to download a standing order mandate which includes the TRA bank details. Once you have made your initial subscription payment this will be picked up by our Treasurer, linked up with your application and your membership status will be activated. You will then receive a TRA membership email with details of how to log in to the membership area and information on England Athletics registration.  (Note that, because the Association is reliant entirely on volunteers, it might take a week or two before your initial payment is picked up.)


Q: I’ve lost the TRA bank details – how do I pay my subscription fee?

A: You can pay via BACS, using your name as reference, or set up a standing order payment to

SORT CODE 20-98-57
ACCOUNT No 90508632


Q: How do I log in to the members area?

A: The members area can be found at: www. On the righthand side is the members log in box. To log in use your email address and the password you created when you made your application.


Q: I’ve lost/can’t remember my password.

A: Please email and request a password re-set.


Q: My membership has lapsed and I’d now like to renew.

A: You will need to pay the subscription fee, quoting your TRA membership number as reference. When this is received your membership will be renewed.


Q: I have changed address/email/phone number since I joined the TRA. What should I do?

A: To update your personal details log in to the members area and you can update all your details.


Q: How does England Athletics registration work?

A: If you already have EA registration with the TRA:

During April you will receive a payment request email from EA. For 2023-2024 this is £17. You need to pay this by clicking the Pay Now link in the email. If you have not paid by 30th June your membership will lapse.

The TRA no longer accepts payments for EA registration and all payments must be done as explained above.

A: If you are new to EA registration:

If you haven’t previously been registered with EA you can be registered between January and March and benefit from extended registration through to 31st March the following year. Please email to request registration with EA.

A: If you are currently registered with EA through another club:

Please see the EA page linked here:

Further details of EA registration can be found at


Q: I want to apply for a permit – do I need to join the TRA first?

A: No. Membership of the TRA is only open to individuals - not clubs and other associations.