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The Daventry Challenge

26th Sep 2018

Organiser Contact

Paul Albon
Tel: Mobile: 07950448488
Link / Email:

Further information

The 3.6-mile out and back route means your race can be just over 5k or even over 60k. You decide how many laps you're going to do on the day within the 6-hour time limit. If you're looking to cover a marathon distance you'll need to complete 8 laps (28.8 miles) and a half marathon will be 4 laps (14.4 miles). The course is relatively flat, with a few small inclines, and the surface is varied but given the time of year it should allow for good running.

Where and When

Venue: Daventry NN11 2JB, UK
Date: 26th Sep 2018
Time: 09:00
Cost: Affiliated Fee: 16. Unaffiliated Fee: 18. Discount details: Early bird entry (£16/£18) and late entry (£22/£24) will apply...

Course details

Extent: 3.6 Miles
Admits: Runners and Walkers
Course: 99 Laps
Silhouette: 32 Metres climb
Underfoot: The majority of the course is over crushed stone and, dependent on the weather, could be muddy. There are tree roots, a few small sections where the p
Navigation: The run will be signposted and keep to obvious trails and paths