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Please Note this event is in the past

Aliens V's Trail Runners Daylight Trails

13th Aug 2017

Organiser Contact

James Haskey-Jones
Address: 65 Dorset Road, Dorset Road, Essex, CM9 6JY, England
Tel: Mobile: 07799020748
Link / Email:

Further information

This event consists of a marathon and a half marathon, both run over a fully marked loop of 6.7 miles, all off road within Rendlesham Forset

Where and When

Venue: Tangham, Woodbridge IP12 3NF, UK
Date: 13th Aug 2017
Time: 10:00
Cost: Affiliated Fee: 33.00. Unaffiliated Fee: 35.00. Discount details: Enter both Daylight and Moonlight Marathons for £10 off or both Half Marathons for £5 off.

Course details

Extent: 26.8 Miles
Admits: Runners and Walkers
Course: 4 Laps
Silhouette: 200 Feet climb
Underfoot: The route uses an undulating 6.7 mile loop, 2x for Half Marathon and 4x for the Marathon. It is fully marked with arrows, tape and lights. The course
Navigation: Arrows, tape and lights will show you the way.