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Please Note this event is in the past

Kirkstall Abbey Trail Running Festival

17th Nov 2018

Organiser Contact

Diane Shaw
Address: Orchard Mews, Leeds LS13 1PQ, UK
Tel: Landline: 07550076455Mobile: 07550076455
Link / Email:

Further information

A Trail run with around Kirkstall and along the Leeds & Liverpool Canalrn8.8 miler - 1 loop - £19A, £21 UA - 111.7 metresrnHalf Marathon -1 loop - £23A, £25UA - 173.8 metresrnMarathon - 2 x loops - £33.50A, £35.50UA - 335.10 metresrnUltra - 4 x loops - £39A, £41UA - 452.1

Where and When

Venue: Beecroft Street, West Yorkshire, LS5 3AS, England
Date: 17th Nov 2018
Time: 09:29
Cost: Affiliated Fee: 19. Unaffiliated Fee: 21. Discount details: See Event details for all course prices and descriptions.

Course details

Extent: 32 Miles
Admits: Runners
Course: 1 Laps
Silhouette: 1 Metres climb
Underfoot: 4 trail events ran on a mixture of trail, canal towpath, grass and pavement.
Navigation: Marshals, black arrows on yellow backgrounds, red tape