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30th Jun 2019

Organiser Contact

Sophie Davis
Address: 21 Saxbys lane,rnLingfieldrnRH7 6DL
Tel: Mobile: 07500 136408
Link / Email:

Further information

A 10 mile and a 10k race in rolling Surrey countryside. Starting and finishing at Lingfield College. These races offer enjoyable but challenging (if you want), rural running. Hosted by Lingfield running club - with reasonable entry costs.

Where and When

Venue: Lingfield College, Saint Pier's Lane, Lingfield, RH7 6PN, Surrey
Date: 30th Jun 2019
Time: 09:30
Cost: Affiliated Fee: 15. Unaffiliated Fee: 17.

Course details

Extent: 10 Miles
Admits: Runners
Course: Linear
Silhouette: 140 Metres climb
Underfoot: Both races are a mixture of trail and paved/tarmac;rn10mile: 65% trail, 35% tarmac/pavedrn10k:60% trail, 40%tarmac/paved.rnrnThe ten mile has 120metre
Navigation: No map and/or compass required. All main junctions marshaled. Route is marked with small strips of hazard tape at any key points.