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Get to the pub by 4 ultra

17th Aug 2019

Further information

A handicap 50k race.rnOver some trails and cycle paths of Bedfordshire runners will cover 50k but will leave at different times so that they all (if the RD's calculations are correct...) arrive at the finish at around 4pm. The event runs on nice footpaths, almost all on either the John Bunyan Trial, The Greensands Ridge Trial or the cycleway 51.

Where and When

Venue: Box End Park, Box End Road,Bedford, England, MK43 8RN,
Date: 17th Aug 2019
Time: 08:00
Cost: Affiliated Fee: 15. Unaffiliated Fee: 17.

Course details

Extent: 50 Kilometres
Admits: Runners and Walkers
Course: 1 Laps
Silhouette: 300 Metres climb
Underfoot: 50k of mostly lovely footpaths around Bedford. You will be provided with a map but most of it will stick to well-signed well known footpaths such as t
Navigation: The route is almost entirely on 3 footpaths which are usually well marked. The John Bunyan Trail, the Greensands Ridge and Cycleway 51. Runners will b