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Wuthering Heights Wander

10th Apr 2021

Further information

Multi Distance Challenging lapped trail race

Where and When

Venue: Church Street, Keighley, BD22 8DR, West Yorkshire
Date: 10th Apr 2021
Time: 09:30
Cost: Affiliated Fee: 46. Unaffiliated Fee: 48.

Course details

Extent: 30 Miles
Admits: Runners
Course: 6 Laps
Silhouette: 935 Metres climb
Underfoot: 5 miles-55.9 metres elevation £21/23rn10 Miles-310 mmetres elevation- £23/25rn15 miles- 467.7 metres elevation- £25/27rn20 miles - 623.6 metres elev
Navigation: Green Arrows,rnMarshals,rnGarmin