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26th Aug 2023

Organiser Contact

Pete Jones
Address: Birch St, Birch, Colchester CO2 0NF, UK
Tel: Mobile: 07734 986293
Link / Email:

Further information

Come and join us in August for our 24 & 12hr events. The course is entirely within Layer Marney Tower park and open spaces. You begin running at 10:30 am and then you can choose how you wish to tackle the event. Complete a couple of laps and have a rest before continuing again or keep it going steadily for as long as possible, it is entirely up to you! There is no minimum distance that you must complete and you certainly don't have to run for 24 hrs! The event will be fully chip timed so you don't have to worry about remembering to count your laps, or collect a wristband! You will have the ability to access a personal bag at the end of every lap if there are things you wish to have available to you during the event. This will be a secure location and will be manned all day at HQ. Enter as a solo runner and take on OutRun yourself, or why not enter as a team! Take it in turns to run and see if you can rack up the mileage faster than the other teams!

Where and When

Venue: Layer Marney, Essex, CO5 9US, England
Date: 26th Aug 2023
Time: 12:00
Cost: Affiliated Fee: 80. Unaffiliated Fee: 82.

Course details

Extent: 26.2 Miles
Admits: Runners and Walkers
Course: 11 Laps
Silhouette: 60 Feet climb
Underfoot: The course is a 2.5mi loop, on hard packed trails and occasional grass paths. The total elevation over each lap is less than 60ft and as you visit the
Navigation: Course will be a loop with waypoints marked. There will be signage at any points necessary and at points where additional care is necessary.The course