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Joining the TRA

To join the TRA please complete our Membership Application Form, following the instructions given to set up a Standing Order Mandate (unless you prefer to pay by cheque or cash). Return the completed forms to the Honorary Membership Secretary at the address given on the form.



Membership of the Trail Running Association provides many benefits, not least the fact that you will receive a regular newsletter providing you with information about events and the sport. You will also have an avenue to communicate with the Association's committee about the way the sport is developing.

Members are able to claim reduced entry fee to trail running events.  These events are easy to find in the Race Directory.  (For many events all you need to do is quote your TRA membership number.  For others, you may need to register for membership of England Athletics.  This is free to members through the Members' Area of this website.)

Members also benefit from the TRA's Personal Accident Insurance covering: 

  • Participating in athletics at any meeting organised by or recognised by UK Athletics Ltd anywhere in the world.
  • Any training organised by the Club and/or the Federation or other Association Body.
  • Travelling directly to and from the abovementioned meetings or training sessions

Click here for complete Personal Accident Insurance information.

Family membership is available for two people living at the same address. 

Most importantly you will help towards the growth of trail running in the UK.

Annual membership subscriptions are as follows....

For those paying by Standing Order Mandate:

Individual Membership   £10.00
Family Membership   £15.00

For those paying by Cheque or cash:
Membership subscriptions may also be paid by cheque or cash.  Subscriptionsare higher to reflect the additional administrative costs.

Individual Membership   £14.00
Family Membership   £19.00

Subscriptions are due on joining and renewed annually on 1st January.
For new members joining after 30th. June, subscriptions are reduced for the remainder of the calendar year.  Details are given on the Membership Application Form.