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Race Permits (Licences)

The Trail Running Association issues race permits for trail running events.
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TRA Grants for Race Organisers

Grants are available from the TRA towards the cost of running races.
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A TRA Emergency Grant Scheme has been introduced to help race organisers meet irrecoverable costs incurred as a result of the Coronavirus emergency. Click here for more information.

The TRA Emergency Grant Scheme will run in parallel with the existing TRA Grant scheme.


Race Directory

The Race Directory lists upcoming events all over the country.  Searchable by distance from home and event name.
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Coronavirus Emergency

TRA guidance updated August 2020: Although the government’s coronavirus restrictions are being relaxed there remain restrictions on social distancing.  England Athletics have recognised that, as they are the link to Sport England and DCMS, they should prepare and publish guidance for the trail discipline.  Pending that guidance, full trail running competition under UKA Rules remains suspended. 

However,  the TRA now has agreement from UK Athletics to permit "virtual" trail races from 1st August 2020.  UKA proposed a broad definition of the term "virtual" to include time trials over physical courses for socially distanced groups of runners.  Such groups can be started at timed intervals such that social distancing can be maintained along the full course.  See Virtual Permits for more information.

The latest EA guidance update can be found here:

This page has links to futher England Athletics and UK Government guidance.
The TRA supports this guidance, and urges all members, trail runners, and race organisers to follow the advice.

What is the Trail Running Association?

The TRA promotes and encourages participation in the athletic discipline of Trail Running throughout the United Kingdom and provides guidance and facilities for organisers of trail races.

The TRA is an associate member of UK Athletics (UKA). The TRA supports UKA in the management and regulation of trail running, and through this association with UKA, the TRA is able to issue permits to race organisers on behalf of UKA. 

The TRA awards grants to race organisers to encourage the promotion of trail running events.

Further details of how the TRA assists race organisers can be found on the Organisers page.

The TRA also arranges British Trail Running Championships. These events are held across three different distances, short, medium and ultra distance.  Please refer to the British Trail Running Championship page for further details.

TRA Championship Grants are offered to the first male and female TRA members who qualify for a grant to finish in each of the three BritishTrail Running Championships in each year.  Further information is available here.

The TRA also publishes a quarterly magazine called Trailrunner, organises the Ridgeway Challenge 86 Miles and the Thames Ring 250 until 2019.

Explore this site for more information on the TRA and trail running.