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About the Trail Running Association

The TRA was founded to promote and encourage participation in the athletic discipline of Trail Running, to provide facilities for such participation throughout the United Kingdom and build links with similar organisations in other countries.

By joining the TRA you will meet others who enjoy trail running and find out about trail running events all over the country.

Trail Running Association Kit

Distinctive Trail Running Association kit is now available.  Click HERE for details.

How does the TRA help race organisers?

The TRA is an associate member of UK Athletics (UKA). Through this association with UKA, the TRA is able to issue permits to race organisers. These permits indicate that the race is organised according to the guidelines of UK Athletics and the TRA as regards safety, first aid and facilities.

The TRA operates a grant scheme to encourage race organisers to stage more trail races.

Does the TRA publish anything?

The TRA publishes a quarterly magazine called "Trailrunner". This contains articles about races, information about trail running and such other articles of general interest as pass the Editor's scrutiny.

How is the TRA run?

The Committee of the TRA meets four times a year to discuss issues and make decisions. It can do this between meetings if necessary. There is also an Annual General Meeting when the TRA officers are elected and the Committee tries to answer questions thrown at it by the members.

The TRA's Constitution can be found here.

What else does it do?

The TRA organises the Thames Ring 250 mile continuous running event and Ridgeway Challenge, an 86 mile race along the Ridgeway.  The TRA also supports the UK Trail Running Championships in short, middle and long distance each year. These Championships are usually attached to an established event and can move around the country from year to year.

What about the website?

The TRA maintains this website to provide TRA news and information about races. Applications to join the TRA and to apply for a Permit can be made online.  The website also includes links to the Thames Ring 250 and Ridgeway Challenge dedicated web pages.