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Championships Grants

Grants are available for the 1st eligible male and female TRA members to finish each British Trail Running Championships event. Those who meet the qualification requirements will be invited to apply for the grant. Each grant will be up to £500, to cover entry and associated expenses for a trail raceGrants must be claimed by 31st December in the year following the qualifying championship race.


TRA Championship Grants of up to £500 will be offered to the first male and female TRA member who qualify for a grant to finish in each of the three British Trail Running Championships in each year.

This grant comprises a maximum payable of £500, to cover entry and expenses incurred for that TRA member to run a TRAIL RACE- preferably, though not essentially, that starts more than 50 miles from the member’s home.  A TRAIL RACE is a race predominantly on natural, as opposed to manmade surfaces. It is not necessarily one with a permit issued by the TRA. In the event of any doubt, the decision of the TRA executive will determine if the race qualifies.

The grant must be fully claimed by 31st December in the year following the championship race to which the grant related. 

To qualify for the grant the candidate must be a fully paid up member of the TRA for a MINIMUM of 4 weeks prior to the event and remain a fully paid up member when the grant is paid.  Any member who has already been invited to apply for a grant in the current calendar year or in the preceding two calendar years will not qualify. This grant may only be claimed by a person once in any 3 year period. In the event of a person being the first TRA member to finish a championship event twice within this period, the grant will be offered to the next TRA qualifying member.

Runners qualifying for the grant will receive an invitation to apply for the grant, with relevant application form within 4 weeks of the event.  

The grant offered is up to a maximum payable of £500. An initial payment of up to £250, covering the entry fee and other associated non-refundable expenses,  will be paid upon receipt of proof of that person’s entry into a trail race and evidence of other associated expenses. The balance, up to the £500 maximum,  may be paid only upon receipt of proof of expenses directly related to the event which exceed the initial payment. This may include transport expenses (car mileage may be claimed at 25p/mile), accommodation and food directly related to the running of the event including support crew/family members . Claims for equipment, pre-event training,  running kit or any form of vehicle maintenance other than the allowed mileage rate will NOT be accepted.   

By claiming and accepting the British Trail Running Championship Grant, the winner will commit to providing a written race report to be published in the TrailRunner magazine within 3 months of running the event.

The TRA committee reserve the right to amend or withdraw the TRA Championship Grant at any time.

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